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8 tips for the perfect sports outfit

These days you hardly ever see anyone training in their old, worn t-shirt. Fashion has gained an important role in sports. Malicious tongues even claim that exercise is no longer a priority and the gym has become a catwalk. But is it reprehensible to feel beautiful while exercising? No, because it is extremely motivating, as we want to show you in the next few points.

1. Different sportswear for different sports

If you do several sports, you should pay attention to the appropriate clothing. Not every outfit is suitable for every sport, but many items of clothing can be combined well. For example, a stringer tank top is much more suitable for a heavily muscled bodybuilder than a marathon runner. This requires a material that is as breathable as possible, such as a seamless T-shirt made from a synthetic material mix. These functional textiles are not only light, highly elastic and stretchable, they also do not absorb any sweat.

2. The right accessories for your workout

Whether a fitness towel, sports bottle or a cool cap. The selection of sports accessories is very large and can support your training. Good headphones can work wonders in sports and take your training to the next level. But fitness accessories such as fitness gloves or wrist wraps can also provide you with great support during fitness training and save you from injuries to your wrist.

In our category Fitness accessories you will find cool products that support you during your workout.

3. Choose the right size for sportswear

Always make sure that your sportswear is the right size. Above all, sizes that are not too small should not be chosen, as the muscles expand during training and tight clothing is very uncomfortable. But even a too large T-shirt or sports pants can hinder you in your favorite sport and also make you look extremely unsportsmanlike. Because the visual aspect also plays a role here; After all, you want to look as attractive as possible while exercising. Looking in the mirror can have an extreme influence on motivation while exercising.

4. Pay attention to the color combination

Sportswear is traditionally colorful and likes to use neon tones. This increases visibility when training outdoors, for example in traffic. When it comes to outfits for the gym, on the other hand, too much neon is an absolute no-go. It attracts so much attention that it's easy to assume that the wearer wants to stand out. It is best to use simple colors such as black, white or gray. But earth tones are also extremely popular at the moment and make you look more attractive and down-to-earth when doing sports. A t-shirt in the color olive or beige with a casual print or logo print is much more stylish than a neon t-shirt with sucked motivation slogans that nobody can hear anymore. The advantage of plain colors is also that they can be combined much easier.

 5. Get inspiration from your role models

Nowadays with Instagram and co. we can practically pursue our idols day and night. Of course, also in sports. Not always, but mostly, our stars always have the latest trends, as many are sponsored by large companies. So you are always at the source. Be inspired by them and search the Internet for products that you like. The selection is huge and thanks to online shopping, you can have your new sports outfit delivered to your home with ease.

6. Watch out for the fitness pants! A strong resilience is important.

Nowadays there is a huge selection of sporting goods manufacturers and an even larger selection of functional pants, fitness pants & sports pants. But watch out! It is better to spend a little more and get high-quality sports pants than to stand in the gym with torn pants on the first Leggday. That would be extremely embarrassing. Inquire exactly what you need for pants for your sport and look carefully at the materials. the V8 Pants from Gym Generation for example, has been designed for top athletic performance. The extreme elasticity makes them practically indestructible, even after 100 hard leg workouts or endurance runs. Of course, you should use a thicker fabric quality in winter, as this will not let you cool down as quickly. In addition, our Classic Pants are just damn comfortable and once you've put them on you won't want to take them off.

7. Attention! Note the seasons

As already mentioned in point 5, you should pay attention to the seasons. The right sportswear for the warm season consists of light, comfortable and breathable materials. While one layer of clothing is usually sufficient here, you should choose your sportswear in winter according to the onion principle. Several layers of clothing can be put on individually and taken off again if necessary. This effectively protects the body from overheating and cold.

8. From the gym to the street

The last and in our opinion the most important point: The sport style! It is clear from the point of view of a sportswear brand that not only values functionality, but also fashion. From the office to sports and then on to the city - and all in the same clothes. The file of fashionable functional clothing makes it possible. In addition to trendy fitness pants, you can also score points with special fitness t-shirts. We would like to invite you to browse through our shop and be inspired by our sport styles. Maybe there is something for you too.